How do I place an Order?

Please look at the how to order section for full details, we have product list and information on our facebook page for what we have available…the list is frequently updated. As its quite earlier in the season, if its not there its still a baby growing in the nursery and isn’t quite ready.

What is the password for?

As we are making this a contactless delivery, all payments must be made by card. We don’t have the systems in place to do this fully automated so we will take payment over the phone. You can confirm it is Kiwi Nurseries contacting you by asking for the password before payment.

Where do you delivery? How much does it cost?

All our deliver areas and prices are on the home page. As we are not normally a home delivery company we have 2 vehicles and 2 drivers who can delivery, this area is as much as we can manage at present.

What happens after I’ve ordered?

Your wish list is printed off at our office and delegated to our shops Stretford or Standish, you will be called within a day or two of this, with delivery normally made the day after that -approx. 2-4 days after you order.

Can I collect my order?

Yes, we now have a contactless collection set up. You will be given instructions on how this works when you pay for order. This is to protect our staff and you the customer avoiding unnecessary contact. Please only come to the shop if you have been given a collection slot.

Where is summer bedding?

Our summer bedding will be available approx. week commencing 20th April (growth permitting) The unusually nice weather has left us out of stock of spring but the summer will be ready very soon….remember to protect from frost.

Are you refilling baskets this year?

Sorry we are not due to the covid restrictions.

Do you sell top soil/ manure/ fertilizer/ plant food?

We only sell compost – multi-purpose, ericaceous and peat free but the peat free is currently out of stock.

Can I phone/email for advise?

At Kiwi Nurseries we pride ourselves on our Customer service and love to give advise, however due to the staff levels and the staff we have working on orders, unfortunately we can not give the advise as we normally would do. Where possible we will help.

I can’t see it on the list…have you got it?

You will find a quite comprehensive list of plants on the website and also on our facebook page. Please refer to these before emailing for information…a lot of the colours and sizes can be found here.


Do you sell seeds, trellis, wheelbarrows, watering cans, playsand, stone chippings, wood?

As we are a nursery we do not sell hardware like a garden centre…it means we can really focus on growing the healthiest plants.

Sorry we do not sell any seeds, fruit or vegetable plants.